Darn It! Everyone’s Dead…Except for Me and My Monkey…And My Dolphin

The assignment was to write about what it would be like to be the oldest person in the world.  So I wrote a story where I was the only person in the world, technically making me the oldest.

A long time ago, before the horrible day when I drank that immortality potion, I used to dream of being able to live forever.  It was not for the normal reasons like being able to acquire more wealth; I just wanted to see how the human race turned out.  Science Fiction made the future look so awesome and I really wanted to see what the reality of the future would be.  Not only was I interested in what would happen with technology, I wanted to see what would happen to the human race in general.  Would we evolve into something else?  Would we achieve world piece and end world hunger?  I really wanted to know but I knew it would most likely not happen in my lifetime.  So when I heard about a man who claimed to be seven hundred years old I was intrigued and went on a quest to find him.  I searched all over the world for three years before giving up and returning home.  On the way to my house from the airport I accidently bumped into an old man.

“Be careful sonny, I’m over seven hundred years old you know.”  “No way!”

I told him all about my search for him and my desire to live forever.

“Well, I still have some of the potion that made me immortal, I’ll give it to you if you really want, but I’m warning you, everyday I regretted taking this potion.  So much so that I eventually sought out the antidote, so I am mortal now.  That’s why I look so old, I’ve been aging for the last fifty years.”

“I won’t regret it, trust me.”

I was wrong.  The next day I woke up and looked out of my window.  The streets were completely empty.  I looked at the clock and it said seven-thirty.  It didn’t make any sense, normally the street would be filled with traffic and there would be tons of pedestrians, but today there was nobody.  I went outside and to the corner store which had a CLOSED sign.  Now I was beginning to get very confused.  This store has opened at six every morning for as long as I could remember.  I continued searching for signs of people and finally I found a dead homeless person on a bench.  After a while I started knocking on doors.  I went to at least a hundred houses but no one answered any of them.  Finally I broke into a house and found a couple lying in bed.  They were dead.  I went to a few more houses and all of them had dead people lying in bed.  That’s when I realized that one of the biggest mass-extinctions since the dinosaurs had occurred.  As far as I knew I was the only person in the world left alive since the old man from yesterday was mortal now.  Not only was I experiencing terrible sadness over the death of everyone I know, I was also so disappointed.  I was finally able to live out my dream of seeing the human race progress and now they’re all dead.  For a few years I did nothing but search for the antidote the man spoke of but I realized that it was no use.

I settled down in the biggest mansion I could find and stocked it with food and other essentials.  I went to the local library and took out a dump truck full of books.  I also went to a hardware store and got a generator which powered a TV, fridge and other electronics.  After that I got to work preserving important relics of mankind so that if intelligent life ever returns they will know what the previous inhabitants of the Earth were like.  I also began work on an immense book which summarized the entire history of the world focusing on what happened after the arrival of the human race, then how it ended, and finally my adventures as the only human.  Luckily plants and animals were all still alive, besides the domesticated ones as there was no one to take care of them, so at least I had some companionship.  I befriended a pack of wolves that often defended me from the lions and tigers that I foolishly released from various zoos.  Eventually I had many animal friends such as a hawk I named Steven and a dolphin that I named George whom I met with regularly in the harbor.  I invited the wolf pack and Steven, along with about fifty other animals to live in my mansion with me, but unfortunately George could not come since he lives in the water.  George, Steven and the wolf pack were the closest thing I had to a family or friends so when the hawk and wolves eventually died of old age I was devastated.  In order to prevent that pain from happening a third time I went to the house of the seven hundred year old man and got what was left of the potion.  I walked down to the harbor and rang a bell which was George’s signal that I was there.  He swam up to me and I poured some of the potion in his mouth.  I still had a little bit left so I decided to save it incase I found another animal that I felt as strong a connection to as I did to George the dolphin.  About a decade later I decided that I had done enough preservation work so I decided to take a rest.  I spent all of my time either in my mansion reading or watching movies, working on the book, or spending time with George.  Eventually I relocated to an even nicer mansion which was right by the water.  The main reason for my move was because I was able to construct a tunnel from the water to a large pool in my living room which George could use.  This way I could spend time with George without having to go outside.  This proved very useful because the surrounding area soon became overrun with dangerous animals.  This really annoyed me because I used to love being able to casually walk around.  Now I only go out to restock and I need an armored truck and a powerful animal entourage.  I lived like this for about four hundred years.  George remained a loyal companion and a lot of the descendants of my other animal friends stayed with me also.  A family of monkeys that began to live with me about three hundred years ago had a new baby which I named Buddy.  Buddy took a liking to me and surprisingly also George.  He spent all of his time playing with me and George but when ever I was reading or watching a movie or working on the book it was as if he knew I was busy because he just curled up with me and relaxed.  I decided that he was the animal I would give the rest of the potion to.  Eventually I had read every book and seen every movie available to me multiple times.  I was bored.  On top of that the environment outside had reached its worst point yet.  The buildings were crumbled, the wild, dangerous animals were everywhere, and it was generally a very unpleasant place to be.

So I decided to leave.  I opened up all of the doors and windows so my animals could choose to stay or go.  Then I gathered up a few mementos, the book, some food and water, and grabbed Buddy.  We went to the back door and looked out for animals.  It was all clear so we ran to the shore and jumped onto George’s back.  We rode around for about a hundred years, stopping here and there but never for more than a few days because everywhere was just as bad as where we came from.  After five of those hundred years we came across a large boat with a swimming pool on it.  We stocked up on gas, food, and other essentials and traveled on that instead of George’s back.  Buddy and I spent our time on the boat and George either swam along side us or rested in the swimming pool.  Buddy fell overboard a few times but he can’t drown so George always swam down and fetched him.  By now I had acquired many more books and movies and I was very happy.  After a while Buddy and George seemed to have a complete understanding of what I said to them.  It was like having two other humans as companions.  After visiting enough places and finding nowhere that was safe we decided to go across the Atlantic and see what things were like in Europe.  We arrived in England and went exploring.  It was in pretty much the same condition as America.  It appeared that we would never find a place to settle down.  We left England and continued searching all over the globe for another two or three hundred years for a good place to live.  I was also secretly looking for the antidote for the potion.  Finally we found the ideal place.  It was a small island somewhere near Africa or Asia.  There was a gigantic mansion in which I could recreate the water tunnel, there was plentiful food and fresh water, it was beautiful, and best of all it was free of dangerous animals.  We tied up the boat at a dock which led right to the house.  The first thing I did was remove the hundreds of years old decaying corpses that were still there.  Then we began to stock the house with all of our stuff.  We were very happy there for about a thousand years.  George met some dolphins in the area and had some children with one.  Also, upon further exploration of the island we discovered a colony of monkeys living in the trees.  Buddy became good friends with them and became a member of their group.  The monkeys and George’s family all spent most of their time in the house with me and at first I was happy that my “family” got expanded but then I became jealous.  They both got to be around others of their own kind but I was the only human.  Time passed and the three of us stayed alive but the dolphins and monkeys all died.  The descendents remained with us but it wasn’t the same.

Then one day something terrible happened.  Every animal on the island was dead all of a sudden.  It wasn’t until we decided to explore the main land that we came to the conclusion that an even bigger mass extinction than the one that killed every human had occurred.  As far as we knew every animal on the Earth was dead.  This was a devastating blow to me.  I had always hoped that one day humans would evolve again but now there was no hope of that.  For the next few hundred years I was pretty miserable.  The only reason I had to live before was to preserve the history of the human race but now there was no point.  I stopped working on the book and spent most of my time just sitting around.  I became distant from Buddy and George until one day Buddy jumped on George’s back and they left.  This went on for about seven hundred years until I finally decided to go searching for the antidote so I could end my misery.  Even if I never found it at least it would give me something to do.  While on my search I did some thinking and I realized that I was an idiot for driving George and Buddy away.  I changed my search for the antidote to a search for Buddy and George.  I looked for a thousand years when I had the idea to go back to our original house.  When I got there it was even worse than when we left.  The buildings were in ruins, including my old one.  I went inside and to the pool and what I saw overwhelmed me with joy.  George was sitting in the pool and Buddy was lounging next to it in a chair.  I ran over and apologized to them.  Fifteen thousand years later we were still traveling together.  I gave up my search for the antidote and finished the book.  By now the whole earth has pretty much reverted back to the way it was in prehistoric times, except for the presence of crumbled buildings and other structures.  Then one day on a beach we came across a box partially buried in sand.  Inside of it there was a vial which contained the antidote for the immortality potion.  I was not sure what I should do.  At times in the past all I could think about was finding this but now I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drink it.  As I was contemplating my decision I noticed something moving in the water out of the corner of my eye.  I looked down and saw a tiny fish swimming around.  I put the antidote in my pocket.

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