The Fresh Giraffe of Bel-Air

My teacher was absent one day and the assignment she left was to make up a script for a TV show you like. I chose to do The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

On tonight’s new episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, we’ll be meeting a new character: Jeffrey’s twin brother Geoffrey.  But he’s no ordinary twin brother of a black British butler of the uncle of a famous rapper/actor, he’s also a giraffe.

Will walks into the kitchen and sees Jeffrey.

“What up G.” (audience applause)

“Hello Master William, you know my twin brother Geoffrey is coming to visit today?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Carlton walks in. “Hey Will.”

“Carlton, you’re short and a loser.” (audience applause)

Just then the door opens and a giraffe head comes in followed by its long neck and body.

“Hello Jeffrey.”

“Hello Geoffrey, good to see you!”

“Cut!” the director yelled. “I thought we agreed that making Jeffrey’s brother a giraffe was a stupid idea.  You’re all fired.”

“Oh no, I hate fire.” Geoffrey the giraffe yelled.

“Hahahahahaha, that’s the funniest thing I ever heard.  I changed my mind, you’re not all fired.  Just you are Will.  Geoffrey is going to take your place.”

The giraffe stayed on for six more seasons and the name of the show was changed to The Fresh Giraffe of Bel-Air.  He went on to star in such movies as Giraffes in Black, Giraffence Day, Bad Giraffes, I,Giraffe, Giraffes in Black 2, and The Pursuit of Happy Giraffes.  Will Smith’s career headed in a downward spiral and he is now the mascot of Toys R’ Us.

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