The Legend of the Leg on My Desk

The assignment was to write a poem called The Legend of (inanimate object), I chose the leg on my desk. This doesn’t really make much sense on it’s own because it’s a spin off assignment to something else we had to write which I don’t have, but it involved me making a pact with the leg of my desk to sneak into the school and rescue it.

The other day Mrs. Shah gave us a test,

Write a story as if you were the leg of your desk.

I wrote about being able to converse with it

And that I would come back at midnight to steal it.

Everyone laughed but little did I know,

The leg took it seriously and expected me to show.

The next day I opened my notebook and read:

“Where were you yesterday?  I was full of dread.”

I replied by writing: “wait, do you really have thoughts?”

This was an answer I desperately sought.

I waited for a response and then my hand started writing,

I wrote down “of course I can, now stop your lying.

You know I can that’s why you promised to save me.

You’d better come tonight or you’ll soon hit your knee.”

I disregarded all this as minor schizophrenia,

And got up to leave because I couldn’t take the mania.

As I stood up I was terrified to see

That my leg got stuck on the leg, and I fell on my knee.

I sat back down and saw written:

“Make sure you get me tonight or I’ll see to it you are bitten.”

Once again I ignored the leg’s pleas to break in,

And the next day I was bitten by a chameleon.

So I left my house at midnight and headed for the school,

The whole time I was doing it I felt like a fool.

I got up to room 311 and opened the door,

The leg was not there, it had been sawed off,

As I pondered who could have taken it I heard a cough

I look down the hall and to my surprise,

I see the leg being carried away by someone in disguise.

I get home and immediately have to leave for school,

When creative writing class comes around I sit on a stool.

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