The Myth of Tornadus

Here we had to write a myth about the origin of something, I chose tornados.

Tornadus ran down the road with a look of horror on his face.  He had just witnessed a large group of monsters approaching Mt. Olympus.  There were the Hydra, Minotaur, Medusa, Cerebus, Chimera, Sphynx, and some centaurs, giants, sirens, harpies, satyrs, and reanimated souls from the depths of Tartarus.  He assumed that Zeus would handle it but then he remembered that today the Gods were all watching the Olympics.   As soon as he saw them he immediately started running toward Mt. Olympus to warn Zeus.  When he finally reached the foothills of the giant mountain, he looked back and saw that the monsters had stopped to rampage through a small town.  That should buy him some time, he thought.  He started climbing and hoped that he would make it in time.


Tornadus was not just a normal man; he was actually a lesser known God.  Unfortunately he does not get much respect from the other Gods and Goddesses because his power is not very impressive or useful.  All he can do is spin in a circle slight;y faster than normal people.  The only one who likes him is Athena, whom he is good friends with.  When he was about halfway up the mountain he was thinking about how he would break the news to Zeus.  He was worried that Zeus would take out his rage over the situation on him.  He looked back to see what the monsters were doing.  They had finished destroying the town and had started to advance on Mt. Olympus once again.  He noticed a dark figure in the center of the group riding a chariot being pulled by centaurs.  He seemed to be leading the whole group.  He continued to climb up the mountain in haste, for the monsters were getting much closer.  He finally reached the summit and was dreading telling Zeus the bad news.  He ran into Zeus’ temple and found him, along with all of the other major Gods sitting on a balcony overlooking the Olympic Games.


“Zeus! Zeus!”


“Who is calling the great Zeus?”


“It is I Lord Zeus, Tornadus.  I bring bad news of monsters approaching the mountain.”


“What do you speak of?  The monsters would never attempt an attack on the great Lord Zeus.”


“I speak the truth; they are probably scaling the slope as we speak.  I just witnessed them destroy a whole town in a matter of minutes.”


“Zeus, perhaps we should take precautions,” Athena spoke up, “I know Tornadus and he would not lie about something like this.”


Before Zeus could respond, there was a loud roar.  They all looked over to see the nine heads of the Hydra peek over the edge.  Up above they saw some harpies carrying a huge cage, which they aligned over Zeus and the other Gods and dropped.  Zeus summoned up some lightning bolts and shot them at the bars.  They all bounced off and flew in every direction.  By now the other monsters were all swarming over the edge of the mountain.  The chariot that Tornadus had seen earlier approached the cage with all of the monsters surrounding him.  Now that the chariot was closer, Tornadus was able to see who it was.  He was wearing dark robes and had horns on his head.  When he opened his mouth to speak, he breathed fire.


“Good to see you Zeus, I am now claiming your temple as my own.”


“Hades!  How dare you attack Mt. Olympus?  Is this Poseidon and I got the better kingdoms to reign over and you got the Underworld?”


Hades did not answer.  Instead, he took out a staff and slammed it on the floor.  Darkness began to swarm out of it and engulf the temple.  Hades got off his chariot and sat down on Zeus’ throne with Cerebus at his side.  He scratched the third head of Cerebus as he looked over his newly claimed kingdom.


“You’ll never get away with this Hades!”


“Who can stop him Zeus?” asked Medusa.  “Everyone with the ability to do so is in his cage.”


“Zeus, I believe Tornadus can save us.”


They look over to see Tornadus crouching behind an urn, which is where he ran as soon as the Hydra appeared.  Zeus motioned for him to come over.  He looked around to see if any monsters were looking and then ran over to the cage.


“Tornadus, the great Zeus wishes to know if you would be able to save us.”


“Oh I do not know Lord Zeus.  As you know my powers are not very impressive, but I’ll try.”


Tornadus began to spin.  As he got faster and faster he realized that he was going faster than he had ever gone before.  He kept going faster and faster until the urn he was hiding behind earlier came flying toward him.  He put his arm up to shield his face and was about to scream but the urn smashed into pieces as soon as it entered the vortex he was creating.  As he went faster, he began to rise up in the air and a visible cone was appearing around him.  The harpies flying around were sucked in and then all of the other monsters too.  Then Hades himself, along with his pet Cerebus, was sucked in.  Tornadus began to move.  He headed west out over the Ocean until he reached the entrance to the underworld.  He stopped spinning and dropped them all down into the depths of Tartarus.  When he returned he received praise from all of the Gods, even Zeus, and got a seat on Mt. Olympus.  From that day on, Zeus, who was in charge of the weather, regularly sent Tornadus out to create his tornado and displace whatever Zeus needed him to.

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