Walter Wilson’s Trip to Ancient Greece

The assignment was to write a story about how our family got it’s last name. Instead I wrote about a guy named Walter Wilson visiting Ancient Greece and tied the origin of my name into the last few sentences.

Walter Wilson walked through the entrance to the city of Olympia.  He traveled all the way there from his hometown of London, England.  After hearing about the Greek Gods he decided to travel to Greece to see what all of the fuss was about.  He did this some time between 700 and 800 B.C.  As soon as he arrived he saw a man leaning against a sign post.  As he got closer, he recognized him as his old friend from London named Stephen.

“Stephen, how are you?  I haven’t seen you in years.”

“Walter Wilson, good to see you old chap.”

“So this is where you went?”

“Well not at first.  I traveled all over Europa.  Then one of the people I met on my travels, I think his name is Tiberius, told me that he needed help here in Greece.”

“What does he need help with?”

“I do not know, I am supposed to meet him here.”

A man walked up to the sign post and stood silently next to them.

“Is that him?”

“No, can we help you?”

“I am waiting for Tiberius.”

“As are we, did he tell you that he needed help as well?”


“What is your name?”


“That is an interesting name.  Oh, it looks like we may have another participant.”

A man walked up to them.  He was a very muscular individual.

“Greetings, my name is Marcus.  Are you all meeting Tiberius as well?”

“Yes, he should be here at any moment.  In fact, I think I see him now.”

He was right.

“Hello everyone, I am glad you all could come.  It looks like we have an unexpected visitor.  What is your name, sir?”

“Walter Wilson.”

“And will you be accompanying us on our journey?”

“That depends, what exactly will you be doing?”

“I cannot speak of it here.  Please come back to my house everyone, this way.”

He led them through a busy street and into an old building that looked like it could collapse at any moment.  They went up four flights of stairs and entered a large room with nothing in it except for a telescope sticking out of the window.  There were five people already standing in there.

“Welcome to my home, as you can see there are already some people here.  Their names are Julius, Adam, Socrates, William, and Penelope.  And they are Marcus, Stephen, Walter Wilson, and what was your name again?”


“Ok, now that everyone has been introduced, let us begin.  I’m sure you are all wondering what I requested you all to help me with.  It is concerning the Gods.”

“The Greek Gods, like Zeus?” asked Walter Wilson.

“Yes.  The other day while researching the cosmos with my telescope, the thought crossed my mind to peer at the top of Mt. Olympus to see if I could actually see the Gods.”

“Did you?”

“Yes, and it was magnificent.”

There was an uproar from the group.  Everyone was amazed that he actually laid eyed on the mighty Gods.

“Can you describe what you saw?”

“At the summit of the mountain there was a huge palace, with Zeus sitting on the throne.  I saw Athena and Hera and Ares and pretty much every other major God.  I could not believe my eyes.”

“So what do you need our help with?” asked Walter Wilson.

“Well, I am planning an expedition to the top of Mt. Olympus, so we can see the Gods in person.”

“That’s insane!” shouted Marcus.  “No one has ever been able to reach the top.”

“Yes but I have an advantage, I saw a secret path with my telescope.”

“What is a telescope anyway?”

“It is a tool used to look at things far away.  So who would like to accompany me?”

Everyone agreed to go.  Even if they were extremely scared, they could not pass on the opportunity to see the Gods.  So they set out right away.  When they reached the bottom of the mountain they began to climb up.  It was tough at first but they soon reached a flat part that ran around the mountain.

“The secret path is this way.”

They walked around the ledge until they came to a small opening in the rock face.

“We must go in here.”

It was completely dark inside.

“How do you know that this will lead to the top of the mountain?”

“I am assuming that it is the passage that the Gods use when they want to come down to the Earth.”

They continued walking and eventually reached a wall.  The first few people bumped into it but the rest stopped.

“Now we turn left.”

“Are you sure you know where you are going?”

“Of course I am sure, I saw Hermes doing this at least three times.”

They finally reached an opening to the outside of the mountain.  They were now on the other side and there was another path.

“This path should lead us all of the way to the top.  Look, you can already see the roof of the temple.”

They looked up and there was a very small corner of the temple visible.


They continued up the path.  It started to get more and more narrow.  Penelope took a step and slipped over the side.  Luckily Graangor grabbed her and pulled her up to safety.

“Thank you so much Graangor.”

“My pleasure.”

For the rest of the walk, Walter Wilson noticed that Graangor and Penelope were holding hands, for more than just safety reasons he assumed.  After a long time they arrived on the summit.  They looked around only to find that they had been lied to.  There was no temple and no Gods.  All there was was a small shed, one corner of which was made to look like a temple.  One side of the shed was constructed with metal bars, like a prison cell, because it was a prison cell.  Inside of that cell were about twenty people.

“What is happening here Tiberius?” asked Marcus.

Tiberius ignored him and walked over to cage.

“Everyone come over here and get in.”

“Why?  What is going on?”

“So wait, are the Gods not real then?” asked Walter Wilson.

“Of course not, that was just my way of getting you all up here.  Now get in here.  Wait, weren’t there more of you?  Where’s Graangor?”

“Graangor is missing, oh no!” cried Penelope.

“Whatever, just get in.  I’ll deal with him later.”

He opens the gate and ushers them all in.  “Why are you doing this?”

“Money, why else.”

“What are you going to do rob us?  I don’t know about the rest of you but I have no money on me.” said Walter Wilson.

“Yes but things that are worthless to you are worth a lot where I’m taking them.  Now, everyone tell me where you live so I can go ransack it.”

“First answer this question.  Why did you bother to take us all the way up here, why not just cage us in your home?”

“I cannot risk detection, this is a place where no one would dare to venture, unless someone like me took you.”

Just then Tiberius collapsed and Graangor was standing on top of him.  He took out a black box and spoke into it.

“I’ve got him.”

A wormhole opens up in the sky and a helicopter flies through.

“What is happening?”

“Is that a God?”

Two time police officers run out of the helicopter and arrest Tiberius.

“What’s going on Graangor?” asked Penelope.

“Graangor is not my real name.  It is really Joseph Collins.  I am from the future.  I came back in time because that man that called himself Tiberius was abusing the use of time travel.  He was stealing things to sell them in the future as ancient artifacts.”

By now, Graangor/Joseph Collins had let them all out of the cage.

“Are you leaving with them?” asked Penelope.

“Well I suppose I could stay for a little while.”

Nine months later one of my ancient ancestors was born.  His name was Joseph Collins Jr.

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