The Shocker

We had to write a poem about any age of our lives, I chose when I lost a bunch of weight when I was 16.

I used to be huge; I was very fat,

I wore baggy clothes as if I was phat.

I listened to lots of really bad rap,

If I met my past self I’d give it a slap.

In the summer of ‘08 I made a change,

My style and size got all rearranged.

The number of pounds I lost totaled 117,

This allowed me to wear much tighter jeans.

My musical preference of rap changed to rock,

To my friends and family this came as a shock.

When I came back to school the beginning of Junior year,

People were amazed that I was no longer shaped like a sphere.

My Nana asked my friends: “Do you like Kyle’s new physique?”

We said yes, because now I don’t look like Monique.

Now I can run without losing my breath,

Now I can run without having to stretch.

Let party time commence, for now I am skinny,,

Ere the party couldn’t start, now it can.

I started to eat lettuce

I heard its words in my dreams

It needed to be silenced.

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