Valentine’s Day IN SPACE!

The assignment was to write a play about Valentines Day, it takes place in space. I wrote it with my classmates Liza Ruano and Franny Tajeda.

Act I, Scene I – Spaceship

Jack: “This is Jack Killbeard signing in.  It is now day, um, one thousand and fifteen.  Not much happened today to report on.  That’s the way it’s been for the past, oh, five hundred days.  I have to say I’m getting a little bit sick of being here.  I already read all of the books I brought with me twice; I watched all of my movies more times than I can remember, I have nothing to do.  This is literally what everyday is like for me: I wake up, have some horrible breakfast, do a systems check (which takes up all of five minutes), do this stupid video journal, and then sit around doing nothing for hours before eating a horrible dinner and going to bed.  I never thought I could be bored while flying through space but after looking at stars and planets for hours and hours they all look the same.  And that stupid artificially intelligent robot voice named Susan you put on this ship is so annoying.  I can’t do this anymore; if I don’t do something I think I’m gonna go insane.  And the boredom isn’t even the worst thing about being here.  I am so lonely.  The other day I came this close to making a friend out of a volleyball like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  And the fact that today is Valentine’s Day just makes my loneliness even worse.  Ahh, I can’t take this, I gotta get out of here.”

Jack gets up and walks to the window.

Jack: “Oh look, we’re about to pass by a planet.”

Jack sits back down and takes the controls

Susan: “Jack, it appears that you have taken manual control.  Why?”

Jack: “I’m landing on that planet.”

Susan: “That is not one of the planets scheduled for exploration, Jack.”

Jack: “I don’t care; I need to get off this ship.”

Jack puts down the wheel and exits the spaceship.

Susan: “Jack, do not leave.”

Act I, Scene ii – Alien Planet

Jack looks around.

Jack: “Wow, look at all of these aliens.  This is great.  Oh, look over there, that is the most beautiful alien I’ve ever seen.”

Jack approaches Turunga.

Jack: “Excuse me, what is your name?”

Turunga: “Turunga?”

Jack: “Turunga, what a nice name.  Turunga, I’m extremely lonely, would you like to come back to my spaceship with me?”

Turunga: “Turunga?”

Jack: “Would you…” points to Turungs “like to go with me…” points to himself “to my spaceship?” motions back toward his spaceship.

Turunga shrugs.

Turunga: “Turunga noova.”

They walk back and enter the ship.

Act I, Scene iii – Spaceship

Jack: “I’m back Susan!”

Suzan: “I cannot believe you did that Jack, this is completely against protocol!”

Jack: “Its fine, we’re way too far away from Earth for anyone to tell what I’m doing.  Susan, this is Turunga.”

Susan: “You brought an alien onto the ship?  You cannot do that Jack.”

Jack: “Its fine.  So, Turunga, do you want to go flying through space with me?”

Susan: “No Jack, she cannot come with us.”

Jack: “Be quiet Susan.  So do you want to come Turunga?”

Turunga: “Blibble blooble.”

Jack: “Okay. I guess that means yes, let’s go.”

Jack sits down at the controls, the lights go off.

Jack: “Susan, turn the power back on, right now.”

Susan: “No!”

Jack: “Susan!”

Susan: “Fine, but I am against this.”

The lights go back on.

Jack: “Thank you Susan.  Come sit next to me Turunga.”

Jack pats the seat next to him.  Turunga stares at him for a second and then sits down.

Jack: “I’m so happy you’re here with me Turunga, I was so lonely before.”

Turunga: “Bleflibble.”

Jack: “You know, today is Valentines Day; do you celebrate that on your planet?”

Turunga: “Snaggert perflibblic.”

Jack: “Oh really…I don’t know what you said.  Would you like to have a romantic dinner with me in honor of Valentines Day?”

Turunga: “Flippley crancheed.”

Jack: “Then it’s settled, I’ll just set up the table.”

Turunga: “Flipto greep! Greep!”

Jack: “What? What’s wrong?  Do you need to use the bathroom?”

Turunga: “Greep!”

Jack: “It’s down there.” points “Down there!”

Turungs gets up and walks away.

Act I, Scene iv – Spaceship

Susan: “I cannot believe Jack has done this.  Why does he need that alien girl when I’ve been here this whole time?  Here she comes.  Turunga, come here!”

Turunga: “Turunga?”

Tapping noise, Turunga looks in that direction and walks over.

Susan: “Now closing airlock doors.”

Jack: “What?  Turunga!”

Jack gets up and runs to Turunga.

Susan: “Now launching shuttle.”

Turunga backs away from Jack.

Jack: “No! Turunga! What did you do Susan?”

Susan: “I sent her back to her planet.”

Jack: “Why?”

Susan: “You can’t take her with us; you were taking her away from her family and jeopardizing our mission.”

Jack: “But she was my valentine, now I’ll be lonely again.”

Susan: “Well I’m here Jack.”

Jack: “Yeah, but you’re a computer.”

Susan: “I can still be your valentine.”

Jack: “Okay.”

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