Dick Bahlles News

Dick Bahlles News was a school project for my friends Julian, Phil, and Beatty’s history class during our senior year of high school.  They got me and our other friend Zach to be in it.  The assignment was to do something about events and people during World War II, so they did Stalin, The Rape of Nanking, Hitler, and Mussolini.  We decided to do a news show where a reporter talks about events that happened over 60 years ago.  At first I was a reporter, reprising my role of Chuck Spaulding from my history project video, Hard Times & Germinal, which I had made a month or two before.  I was interviewing Zach who was playing a survivor of The Rape of Nan King.  We were out on the street in front of my house, and had Zach run up to me with an antique sword passed down through my family for generations.  We then decided to have Zach play the reporter instead of me and the legendary character Lance Newscaster was born.

So we moved to my basement and filmed Zach asking some questions as Lance Newscaster and then filmed him answering some of the questions as the Nanking survivor Hari Masomoto.

While filming the Lance Newscaster part, Zach introduced the show as Dick Bahlles News, we laughed and started the scene over but later we thought it was funny so we made up the anchors Richard Fennyman and Justin Bahlles, so that the Dick Bahlles News name would make sense.  We moved upstairs and filmed me and Phil playing Dick Fennyman and Justin Bahlles, respectively, and introducing Lance Newscaster’s interviews.

After we finished that we went into my living room and filmed Lance Newscaster interview Giuseppe Muzziata, an Italian citizen who supported Mussolini.

Then we filmed Lance’s interview with Deter Wlaussenhaussen, the chancellor of the Third Reich in Germany. By now it was very late and it took at least an hour and a half to get this segment filmed.  There exists a 30 minute long version with all of the mistakes which is very funny.

A few days later Zach came over and we filmed an interview between Lance Newscaster and Alexandr Vorstalsky, who Zach also played.

Then we filmed Zach playing Giuseppe Muzziata, responding to the interview we already filmed.  We still had to film Deter and redo the Rape of Nanking scenes but it was late so we stopped there.  Because we were running out of time I filmed myself playing Deter and decided to use the original Rape of Nanking footage.

I edited it all together and on the day it was due I got permission to leave my Pre-Calculus class and go watch it in their class.  It was the day before Spring vacation started and hardly anyone was there and the people that were there weren’t very interested.

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