The Antiguan Mask


The Antiguan Mask is about Detective Balls McKenzie and his quest for a new house. While investigating a hot lead he saw in a newspaper, Balls meets the Realtor. As the Realtor shows Balls around the house it becomes more and more clear to Balls that there is something fishy going on.

Starring Zach Tosi as Detective Balls McKenzie, Kyle Collins as The Realtor, and Alex Kent as The Homeowner, Camera Work by Julian Ledoux. Edited by Kyle Collins.

I made this movie with my friends Zach and Julian. This was the first movie we made that was not for a school project. We filmed almost all of it in one day, then the flashback scenes with our friend Alex Kent playing the home owner another day, and the night time fight scene another day.  All of the dialogue was improvised.

There are plans for a sequel in which the Realtor breaks out if jail and gets revenge on Balls Mckenzie.

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